The 60 Second Desk

No Screws, No Fitting, No Hassle

It’s as simple as A, B, C! The 60 Second Desk can be assembled in one minute. Work from home without letting work rule your home. A desk that you can use and put away again and again. It’s simple to assemble with no screws, fittings or tools required and slides easily behind the couch or under the bed at the end of a hard day’s work.

High Quality Lacquered Surface

Resistant To Hot Stains

Designed and manufactured in Ireland, the 60 Second Desk is constructed from a high-quality 18mm sustainable birch ply. The desk offers a lacquered surface that is resistant to hot stains. The layered edging gives the desk a contemporary and architectural look, making it an attractive addition to any room in your home. What’s more – the material used in the 60 Second Desk is eco-friendly and forest farmed.

Discreet Design Features

Cable Management And Phone Holder System

Designed with discreet additional features, the 60 Second Desk offers both smartphone and tablet holders, providing an ideal solution for video calls and virtual meetings. The convenient cable management system allows cables to be tidied neatly away. The 60 Second Desk is supplied in a convenient carry box with a handle.

Tapered Design For Strength

Providing A Durable And Strong Work Surface

The 60 Second Desk offers a durable and sturdy work surface. It is lightweight yet very strong and sturdy. Its tapered design is built for strength and frequent usage throughout the working day.

Dimensions, when assembled, are W 95cm, H 75cm, D 50cm. Dimensions of carry box: W 95cm, L 95cm, D 11cm.


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